Care and Services Available at Ohana Hale Senior Living of Bellevue


Care and Services Available - Overview
  • All personal care including; dressing, bathing, incontinence, mobility and transferring, medication assistance, oxygen use, and pretty much any other care you need.
  • Round-the-clock assistance: when you need help, the last thing you want to do is wait! That’s why we schedule well-trained and competent staff round-the-clock, 24/7 (including awake night staff).
  • All meals and snacks: we prepare healthy and fresh meals in-house every day – to your taste!
  • A nurse on staff: Joseph Spada, LPN, and care director at Ohana Hale is a geriatric nurse with over 30 years in the medical and nursing field and in operating adult family homes. This means you are just one phone call away from nursing advice.
  • All laundry and housekeeping: Have your laundry and housekeeping done for you – it’s complementary.
  • In-home medical care: receive first-class skilled services at home. We regularly coordinate visiting nurses, Physical Therapists (PT), Doctors or Nurse Practitioners (ARNP), Podiatrists, and Speech Therapists. If you do not want to travel, you won’t have to!
  • Live music and other activities: Life without fun or movement can be dull and monotonous. We have weekly live music sessions that will make you want to dance.
  • Memory care: We hold a dementia specialty license and can accommodate residents with dementia and memory problems.


What is an Adult Family Home?

An Adult Family Home (AFH) is a residential home licensed by DSHS (the Department of Social and Health Services) to provide personal care for up to 6 non-related individuals, commonly called “residents.”

Be aware that not all AFHs provide the same level of care or services. Providers offer care based on their skill level or staffing, and therefore not all services may be available in every AFH.

We provide personal care and supervision, medication assistance, and necessary help with activities of daily living like grooming, bathing, dressing, and incontinence care. We offer social activities, room and board, laundry, and other care services.

Adult Family Homes play a vital role in Washington State’s long-term care, providing round-the-clock care to more than 20,000 seniors, and relieving a tremendous burden for thousands of families.


How many residents live in your home?

We can provide care to six (6) residents at Ohana Hale Senior Living, which is the current state limit in Adult Family Homes. In 2024, we will increase our capacity to eight (8) residents which will be the maximum allowed by WA State law.


How much does it cost?

The cost of care at Ohana Hale Senior Living of Bellevue is based on several factors, including your care needs, room choice, and any additional services that you need or wish to receive.

The cost for care includes room and board, all utilities and housekeeping, laundry services, recreational activities, our health maintenance program, and all personal care services you require as outlined in your individualized care plan.

The exact rate is determined upon completion of a needs assessment and varies between $300 and $470 per day.


Are you licensed?

Ohana Hale Senior Living of Bellevue is licensed by the Department of Social Health Services (DSHS) to care for up to six residents.


Who monitors adult family homes and how often?

The DSHS licenses and monitors all adult family homes in Washington state. Aside from the initial licensing inspection, DSHS makes yearly unannounced licensing inspections. The Washington State ombudsman program also conducts unannounced visits to adult family homes to monitor and advocate for residents’ rights.


Are family members welcome to visit (Visitors policy)?

Yes! We not only welcome but encourage family and friends to visit their loved ones at Ohana Hale. Often, this brightens their day and provides additional companionship and emotional support. Our visiting ours are flexible so feel free to stop by anytime.


Is there awake staff 24/7?

In addition to being fully staffed during the day, as also provide and awake night staff to ensure the highest quality of care 24/7 – not just when staff is awake. This ensure comfort, well-being, and dignity at all time.


Can you accommodate special diets?

We prepare freshly made and healthy meals in-house every day and to your taste! In addition, we can accommodate a variety of special diets such as Mechanical Soft, pureed, low fat, low salt, vegetarian, and more.


Do you assist residents in transferring?

Up to 100% transefing assistance can be provided. We can help you get in and out of your bed, chair, toilet, and shower so your physical limitations won’t get the way of your mobility.


Do you provide transportation for outings and/or resident appointments?

At this time, we DO NOT provide transportation. However, we can coordinate transportation on your behalf for urgent medical appointments or other outings, as needed.


Meet The Ohana Hale Team

Joseph Spada, LPN

Joseph Spada, LPN

Co-founder, Licensee and Senior Director

Joseph is a Certified Geriatric Care Provider and geriatric nurse with over 35 years of experience in geriatric health management and adult family home operations. Joseph studied geriatric care at the University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, serving in geriatrics, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and emergency room care.

Joseph continues to raise standards, improve care, and exceed the expectations of his residents and families. Listen to Joseph’s latest audiobook,Senior Care Made Personal.

Lynn Lwin, OT

Lynnette Lwin, OT

Co-founder, Director

Lynnette is a licensed Occupational Therapist backed by a lifetime of helping the elderly and children reach a better quality of life. Her passion for serving others is a key ingredient in the compassionate care she provides.

Kekoa Lwin

Kekoa Lwin

Co-founder, Realtor

Kekoa is a former pastor turned real estate investor and entrepreneur. His love for people and desire to help others has led him to partner with Joseph Spada to open one of the best AFH in Washington State.

Kekoa led the creative design and management of transforming the Ohana Hale Bellevue home into a truly unique environment to meet the specific needs of our residents.

Ohana Hale Bellevue Staff

Nicola Rhoden, HCA, & Mariesha Swaby, HCA

Lead Caregiver and Resident Manager

Nicola Rhoden (left) is an experienced Home Care Aide passionate about caregiving. She is the Lead Caregiver and Community Outreach Manager.

Mariesha Swaby, Home Care Aide, is the Resident Manager at Ohana Hale and brings over 2.5 years of AFH Resident Manager and caregiving experience.